Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hellebores in full flower

It's April 1st 2015 and the hellebores are looking fabulous. Most plants are not yet awake in this cold, damp garden in the Staffordshire Moorlands but the hellebores, along with primroses, ramsons (wild garlic) and pulmonaria, are doing really well. Here are a few snapshots from my phone from around the garden.

Cream hellebore with ramsons
Double pink and double cream... with a few pots
They have been bowed down with frost and, yesterday, battered with over 24 hours of severe gales but this morning all still looking good.
'Black' - a favourite
Love this green-flowered one but not sure of the variety

Also our Gunnera manicata is beginning to awaken...  click HERE> to see more about it.