In the cool Staffordshire Moorlands we have a garden in wet conditions. This makes for a short growing season particularly for flowers which are my passion. It is, though, a delight to be able to grow herbaceous plants which love wet and damp conditions.

Middle Pond May 2011
The image from 2011 shows irises and ferns with wild flowers in the foreground. At the back is our Gunnera manicata. This is one of the few plants in our garden which is tender so a challenge to look after in our cold winters ... but the temptation was too great to have this fascinating monster - a plant my husband has always craved. We bought it in 2004 in Scotland and it toured with us before coming back to England.

It has gradually acquired a life almost of its own and you can follow it by clicking Gunnera Watch. Every year we have to mollycoddle it for the winter. As it gets bigger, and we age too, the challenge is exciting.

Wildflowers (sometimes regarded as 'weeds') are welcome here.
Common Spotted Orchids with 'selfheal' (Prunella vulgaris) and daisies 9th Jul 2014

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