Friday, 5 January 2018

Garden Tour July 2017

All these images around the garden were taken in July 2017.
English lavender in a pot - windblown!
Wild orchids: Common Spotted Orchids in their mini meadow
The wonderfully large-leaved Elecampane in the Top Bog Garden
Our Gunnera manicata doing it magical growth from nothing to giant in a few weeks.
Bronze fern in the Fern Garden which used to be a bog garden but dried up
Fern Garden featuring 1 of 3 large Osmunda regalis - the Royal Fern
The King's head is full - of geranium

Inula Hookeri in bud
A favourite plant of mine is Inula Hookeri which is brilliant for bees and butterflies. It also looks great in bud, in flower and in seed.
In bud, close up
In flower