Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Around the garden 16 June 2015

Mid morning on June 16th I wandered around the garden snapping away with my camera taking in some of the beautiful flowers and the growth and the changes since April.

Little Garden. Pots by Errington Reay and Rooke's pots
Built around 1902 our house is 'back-to-front'. The Little Garden is by the lane and used to house a stable (demolished by the time we arrived); and an outside toilet and coal store in 2 buildings side by side (half demolished by the time we arrived) and now gone. We now park the car on top of them!
Little Garden
The Little Garden has blue brick path and pebbles. We tracked down some Staffordshire blue bricks and cleaned them up. We then lifted the concrete slabs we had inherited with the house and found, yes, you've guessed it, the original blue brick yard underneath which was very unexpected! This is a valuable lesson; but in fairness the originals were so badly damaged we covered them over with the new pebbles and the blue bricks we had purchased.

The bigger part of the garden is away from the lane and hidden - a lovely surprise!
Meconopsis cambrica (Welsh Poppy) self-set. Much loved in our garden

A lovely combination of large red poppies and bronze fennel
Common spotted orchids in our mini meadow
The Bottom Pond - a bit choked with starwort
Gunnera manicata, detail of giant leaf in the sun

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