Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Waiting for Spring

Little Garden: hellebores, euphorbias and geraniums April 2014

Little Garden: hellebores, euphorbias and geraniums detail April 2014
It's really cold, wet and windy with snow forecast today so here is a reminder of our Little Garden in April last year. Our hellebores are just coming into flower with few leaves at the end of January 2015 and I have to remind myself what they are going to look like. In a few hours, I suspect they will be covered in snow and then frozen solid. Let's hope the buds survive this year...

Also notice our beautiful railings made by Verdigris a few years ago.

Hellebore from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, 1789
I love hellebores and now have them all over the garden where it is not bog-like. I also love them as botanical drawings and on Spode ceramics of the early 1800s. Here you can see a Spode dessert dish part of a whole dessert service from the early 1800s. Every piece depicted a different handpainted flower from Curtis's Botanical magazine. Finished with gilding the piece looks magnificent in Spode's pure white bone china. More about Spode history can be found on my Spode History blog.
Spode dessert dish with hellebore early 1800s