Monday, 29 May 2017

Early April 2017

Hellebore orientalis and wild garlic... oh dear... a LOT of wild garlic 1 April 2017
It's true - the sun shone on 3 April 2017
Mini meadow of Fritillaria meleagris
Self-sown violets in the gravel. The seeds attract bullfinches.
Primroses in the Top Bog Garden
Primroses & Marsh Marigold...& weeds in the Top Bog Garden

Catching up with 2016 in 2017

At last I have completed posting (in 2017) my garden images from 2016.

Yes - I was a little behind - it's all that gardening taking up my time.

So have a look at the new posts below for what happened last year... and you can always check in with Gunnera Watch

Colour in the garden 23 August 2016

Phlox - variety unknown
This gaudy phlox always does me proud.

Planted in a corner of the 'Cottage Garden' it is robust and getting on for 30 years old. It is my 'old faithful' - always flowering with a late summer burst of vibrant colour. Its scent increases as the day declines.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Garden Tour June 2016

Wildflowers - common spotted orchids
Our amazing Gunnera manicata - follow its life here at Gunnera Watch

Hydrangea petiolaris

Common spotted orchid amongst grass and Gunnera magellanica
Papaver orientale, 'Princess Victoria Louise' 

Picea breweriana 2016

Our rather magnificent Picea breweriana on 27th May 2016 - a tree we planted nearly 30 years ago - sadly just after this we realised it had to go.

It was a hard decision but it had put on a growth spurt in the last few years and was out of proportion to the garden, no longer fitting in with the design. I suspect it cost us about ten times more to have it professionally cut down and the roots ground out than it did to purchase the original small tree! Sadly it was not possible to move it. You can see it in all its glory starring as an extra on some of the posts on a related blog Gunnera Watch
The Picea breweriana to the right through the scaffolding!