Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Euphorbia, ferns, compost and bees May 2017

 7 May 2017 Euphorbia palustris (& Geum rivale)
Euphorbia palustris - in the sun it smells of honey
10 May 2017 Osmunda regalis or Royal Fern beginning to unfurl This will be a big plant!
10 May 2017 1 of 5 compost bins - ugly but effective....
...although this one is full of bumble bees in their nest

Monday, 29 May 2017

Early April 2017

Hellebore orientalis and wild garlic... oh dear... a LOT of wild garlic 1 April 2017
It's true - the sun shone on 3 April 2017
Mini meadow of Fritillaria meleagris
Self-sown violets in the gravel. The seeds attract bullfinches.
Primroses in the Top Bog Garden
Primroses & Marsh Marigold...& weeds in the Top Bog Garden

Catching up with 2016 in 2017

At last I have completed posting (in 2017) my garden images from 2016.

Yes - I was a little behind - it's all that gardening taking up my time.

So have a look at the new posts below for what happened last year... and you can always check in with Gunnera Watch

Colour in the garden 23 August 2016

Phlox - variety unknown
This gaudy phlox always does me proud.

Planted in a corner of the 'Cottage Garden' it is robust and getting on for 30 years old. It is my 'old faithful' - always flowering with a late summer burst of vibrant colour. Its scent increases as the day declines.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Garden Tour June 2016

Wildflowers - common spotted orchids
Our amazing Gunnera manicata - follow its life here at Gunnera Watch

Hydrangea petiolaris

Common spotted orchid amongst grass and Gunnera magellanica
Papaver orientale, 'Princess Victoria Louise'